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Westlake Technology Holdings comprises multiple subsidiaries dedicated to advancing in the FinTech industry, where our objective is to create a swift and dependable lending environment that delivers benefits to all parties involved. Get paid to turn your theory into practice and begin the journey to your new professional future.

Apply your skills in a variety of fields:

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What’s in it for you:


We are a dedicated team working towards a common goal. Our aim is to mentor you in an inclusive setting, fostering your growth and success.

Growth is what defines us

Be at the forefront of the financial technology revolution and develop transformative solutions that will redefine people’s interaction with finance, investments, and more.

We value innovative thinkers, and from day one, we offer platforms for you to make a meaningful impact.

Generate income as you apply your college knowledge to shape your future in the real world. Receive guidance from industry experts. Our experienced teams will assist you in navigating a corporate environment.

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Requirements for our Interns

Make sure you’re prepared to jump-start your future


10 weeks of comprehensive workforce experience – mid-May to early August (Summer only)


Junior and Senior college students specializing in a relevant field are encouraged to apply, utilizing their academic expertise to actively contribute to our innovative projects.


Candidates must be legally authorized to work in the USA without any sponsorship during or after the internship. This ensures a seamless transition* into our team and future career opportunities.

*Subject to performance and job availability.


Passion for leadership, strong interpersonal abilities, and excellent communication skills. These qualities will help you thrive in our dynamic work environment.

Building futures since 2011:
Interns turned into Professionals

The internship prioritizes hands-on experience. Interns receive mentoring from all team members accelerating the learning experience, a unique feature at Westlake.

As a full-time employee with added responsibilities, an even higher impact is made, and there is good recognition within the organization. All the above experiences pave the way for a successful career.

Gowtham Tumati Lead Software Engineer

Gowtham Tumati, former internship program participant, current Lead Software Engineer
Jie Wu, former internship program participant, current Director of Finance

The internship here at Westlake provided me with a chance to get into this industry and gain the necessary skills for the role I am in today. For me the internship is the start of everything.

Interns are treated the same as other full time employees; we have the chance to do independent analysis and even lead projects. Take this opportunity as it will be the perfect stepping stone on your career path.

Jie Wu Director of Finance