Benefits - HEALTH

We love to stay active!  Your work shouldn’t keep you from being active and living healthy.  Westlake has committed to helping our employees stay healthy by offering many programs and activities to support your lifestyle needs.


Westlake offers a state-of-the-art onsite gym, HGym, for all employees to stay fit and healthy.  The HGym includes free weights, machines, treadmills, and more.  Group classes are also available for free to Westlake employees. Desks keep you moving throughout the day.  Daily team exercises and weight loss competitions with great prizes provide the help you need to motivate your healthy lifestyle.

  • HGym fitness center
  • Biggest loser challenge
  • Daily run/walks
  • Free annual flu shots
  • Gym membership discounts
  • Daily team exercises
  • Yoga classes
  • Weekend hikes
  • Desks
  • Flexible spending account

Join our team.