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At Westlake, the passion of our employees is what drives the growth of our company. To help nurture our employee’s passion, Westlake offers many advancement and continued education programs that help employees progress through the organization.

Westlake Employees are encouraged to progress on a career path through the support of certification programs and advancement in their department. Westlake provides continuing education through Westlake University, where employees can sign up, for free, to improve their professional skills including leadership classes, advance excel, financial management, introduction to SQL, and more. Westlake also offers dedicated study rooms and libraries to all employees who would like a quiet place to read or study.

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Westlake Career Paths

Christy Guilbert

First Position Held:   NSF Operations Accountant
Current Position:   Assistant Manager, Accounting Operations
Assistant Manager, Accounting Operations

Maria Ventura

First Position Held:   Receptionist
Current Position:   Acquisitions Service Manager
Acquisitions Service Manager

William Hubbell

First Position Held:   Corporate Trainer
Current Position:   VP, Dealer Originations
VP, Dealer Originations

Micaela Cunje

First Position Held:   Verifier
Current Position:   Manager of Project Management
Manager of Project Management
Westlake University
Applicants with bachelor’s or master’s degrees are encouraged to participate in the various career training opportunities sponsored by The Westlake Financial Services.  Participants can expect to acquire valuable marketing, sales, finance and management skills in a fast-paced, real-life environment, which will provide a foundation for a successful career in business administration. Career training participants acquire valuable networking and time-management skills, which are essential for success in the business world.

Having completed various career training courses, participants have an opportunity to work with Westlake Financial Services.

Although Westlake Financial Services provides unparalleled, “real world” practical experience in a dynamic business environment, individuals completing career training will not receive an academic degree or academic certification of any kind.
  • You should be interested in management, finance, and sales, and have strong leadership abilities and multi-tasking skills.
  • You must be ambitious, creative, personable, resourceful and hard working.
  • Participants are paid on a performance-based pay plan.
  • Minimum Bachelor’s or Master’s diploma
  • For more information, or to apply, please email: Please include your full contact information and resume.

Westlake Employee Certification Program

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